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In effect
Ordinance 103-11/12
Portland, ME
Minimum certification level: LEED Silver
In 2012, the Portland City Council adopted Ordinance 103-11/12, requiring all new construction and renovation projects owned or occupied by the City 2,000 square feet or greater to earn LEED Silver certification. All new construction and renovation projects 10,000 square feet or greater funded in whole or in part by the City shall demonstrate - under any third-party certification system or energy model signed by a licensed engineer - a certain percentage improvement in the proposed energy performance of the building compared to the baseline performance rating per ASHRAE Standard 90.1 or equivalent standard if the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 is not applicable to the project. The improvements are 30% for new construction, 25% for existing buildings, and 20% for historic buildings. LEED is an eligible certification system.