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In effect
St. Louis Park Green Building Policy
St. Louis Park, MN
Minimum certification level: LEED Silver
In 2022, St. Louis Park enacted the St. Louis Park Green Building Policy, requiring new municipal, commercial, multi-family residential, and mixed-use projects 15,000 square feet or larger - and renovations in buildings 50,000 square feet or larger - that receive $200,000 or more in city financial assistance to certify to a third-party rating system, including LEED Silver or higher. Projects that must earn a minimum of 13 points within the Energy and Atmosphere: Optimize Energy Performance credit.
In effect
Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 330, Division 90
Minimum certification level: LEED
In 2012, the State of Oregon adopted Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 330, Division 90, establishing a Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC) for up to 35% of the eligible cost of qualifying renewable energy resource facilities. Eligible facilities include: an energy saving facility, recycling facility, rental dwelling weatherization facility, transportation facility, car sharing facility, sustainable building practices facility, alternative fuel vehicle or facilities necessary to operate alternative fuel vehicles, a high-efficiency combined heat and power facility, a high-performance home, a homebuilder-installed renewable energy system or a research development and demonstration facility that complies with the rules in place. A Sustainable Building Practices Facility means a a building that LEED-certified, or is rated and certified by a program approved by the Oregon Department of Energy. In addition to achieving LEED certification, a facility must also earn at least two points under LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 (Optimize Energy Performance) and at least one point under LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3 (Enhanced Commissioning).